August 11, 2008

Love And Frenz

Yesterday night, a thought ran in my mind. I have been praising Jaane tu ya Jaane na… In fact on Friday when I was reading Richa’s blog, I wondered on the reason as to why Rats and Meow came back.
They were just friends. That’s absolutely true. They never loved each other. Infact their parents wanted them to get married, but they didn’t. They never fell in love. It was only when they found their respective partners to be not up to the mark; they felt the need of each other. Meow’s fellow partner was aggressive and Rats was super stupid.
What if, if one of them had found a great partner? Would then they would have returned back? Would they have realized they loved each other? I still say they never loved each other, they just enjoyed being frenz. And it’s not always true that frenz are great partners. The title therefore is Love and friends and not Love Vs Frenz. What’s your take on it?


  1. Very true... Indeed most of the time its just when u miss out on something that u realise the importance of wat u had before and never cherished... but it doesnt always hold true... Surely Rats and Meow could have found better partners and lived happily ever after being best buds always :) but the only problem is that our so called society still doesnt accept the idea of a gal and a guy being best frenz without the existence of some lovey dovey feelings.... I agree that most of the times such feelings do come... but not always :)

    I have a faith which that Rani Mukherjee stole in the movie Baabul :( "One should not mix relationships... Rishto mein milaawat nahin honi chaahiye"

    Anyways.. I wish all life partners be best of the buddies , vice versa aint that important ;)

  2. I agree too...
    Love and friendship are surely entwined..but its not necessary that best friends have to be partners..but the opposite surely holds true...
    your partner,if not your best friend...atleast should be one of your closest friends..
    I agree on what Nidhi says...that our society is still far away from accepting a guy n gal becoming best friends ,minus the love..
    the day that relationship will get mixed up...:-)

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  4. My take is don't analyse the movie too much :)

  5. Btw nice blog you got here! Cheers!

  6. yup...true...its just that the director decided to end the movie this way :).I also dont believe in the people getting drowned in a person's memory for the rest of thier lives, time heals any kind of situation and still if a person refuses to come out it, its only because of that person's adamant nature not to give in to nature.


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