August 6, 2008

Again 'A'-tagged

I have again been attacked by a tag. This time Nidhi has tagged me.

The rules for this tag:
1) Link the person who tagged you.
2) Mention the rules on your blog.
3) Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4) Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5) Leave a comment on each Tagged blogger's blogs, letting them know that they have been Tagged.

So here are my Unspectacular quirks.

1. I am damn punctual and hate people coming late. Infact, I always reached my tuitions 10 minutes before the time and had to wait outside early morning in fog. Many a times I don’t go to places if I know I would get late. Though this rule never applied to my college lectures after 1st year. :)

2. I love my bed and pillow. They are my worthy possessions, thus always want it to be clean. I hate even a single crease on my bed sheet. As soon as I return from office, the first thing is to jump into bed thus I make sure to clean it absolutely before leaving from home.

3. I hate shoes lying here and there. I want them to be placed in the rack very properly. My sister hates me for it. She has a bad habit of putting shoes under the sofa and has always been one of a reason for my scolding. After marriage, Andy has replaced my sister.

4. I can’t teach anyone. I am totally impatient. I hate to repeat anything what I say twice. Though, in college I have been famous for my reading speed, so always had to explain the topics to other. But then, they were very careful to note down everything, while I explain, to escape from my fury.

5. I am restless or rather over enthusiastic. As soon as I get my exam paper, I want to write down all my answers in 5 minutes. I always have this thought running in my mind to jump to the next question else I will forget the answer. No matter how lengthy the paper is I can complete my paper 20 minutes before time, else I fail in exam. :) People call me Shatabadi Express. Not only in exams, have I behaved the same, it has been with everything I have dealt with. If I know a thing I jump to complete it soon. My previous company PL knew how to get majority of work done from me. I think I am a typical Gemini.

6. I hate dumb girls. Dumb as in those who overact in front of males to be helpless. Infact, many a times I actually have to run away from the place to stop me from hitting them on their face. I hate it when they talk in those funny voices of Daisy.

I Tag (Sorry they are more than Six):
Harsh: You have already been tagged by Nidhi.

Thanks Nidhi, this blog actually made me think of my nasty habits which can irritate so many people. Also, realized I have so many of them and was so difficult to find best 6 among them. :)


  1. Tag..tag..Tag..
    Tagged you back..since iam still pretty new to the circuit..and got the virus from you,,
    and as for my quirks...see them on my blog soon:-)

  2. 4th point does impacts me a lot... I also gets irritated when I have to repeat the things again and again...
    why people do not understand the things in one go ???

  3. I owned the 1st point you have written completely!
    I just did not want to mention it! :-)

  4. HI!! :) I see that you do not like DUMB GIRLS, either!!! they get on my nerves, too!!!

    Thanks for tagging me!! :)

  5. #Santasizing:oho... another ime... will do it after some time... Dont want to reveal much of my secrets on blog..:)

    #Harsh: Yeah true..infact my sister never comes to me to understand smthg...since she knows she will get nice scolding from me...

    #Blog: Yeah I know read it in ur tag :)

    #Merrianne: Btw i noticed that my comments were not appearing on ur blog..are they on moderation?

  6. For Point 1, 4 and 6... I can only say "Hello Twinnu :D"

    We have your point no. 5 shared partially :)

    And now that I have tagged u and done trhis tag post for myself, thousands of other quirks of mine are dancing in my head... banging against the walls to come out :D

    Am sure.. I will soon come up with few more quirks of mine in a post :D


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