August 14, 2008

Ticket to Joy

Me going for a break for 3 days. I will be meeting my mom dad after 4 months. We have planned a trip to Mount Abu and places nearby. Though our train tickets are still in waiting and hoping that a miracle happens and we get seats..but no matter how we go, we will go.
So await for a long blog on my trip.

P.S.: Yesterday, we went to see a play, ‘Biwi-O-Biwi’. Andy got stuck in traffic and reached 10 minutes late, so he got entry only after interval. The main reason to go for the play was Andy always calls me Biwi. ;)


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  2. Congrats Sweets !!

    Enjoy a lot, have loads and loads of fun :)

  3. #Nidhi: thanks... Trip was greaT...

    #Anand: Aanu..

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