August 27, 2008

Small Additions

I know its been long time that I had promised to write about my Mount Abu Trip. But my lappy is still not working and office is keeping me very much busy.
Meanwhile, my best friend gave birth to a baby boy. Many Many congratulations to Swati. The name has to be on letter 'Chi'... so think about some hot names and do tell me. I suggested Chironji Lal.. :).

Also, one of my another close friend is expecting in Oct. Congratulations to her as well. She didn't tell me, as she wanted it to be surprise, but we got to know. So swthrt, take care. Probably this is season of babies and me becoming Mausi :)
Will post very soon about recent happenings.


  1. Congrats to Swati and u n me and all.. yaar wo mom to hum bhi to maasi the gr8 bane hai na ;)

    Waise I am pretty sure, the baby is gonna be a step ahead of momma dear when it comes to cracking jokes and laughing aloud :)

    I wish the best of the world to the baby n momma :)

  2. #Nidhi: Yeah we are Mausi d great :))
    The baby will have to be protected ..isse pehale ki swati ka asar us par aaye...jiju ka a jana chahiye..nahi to future mein our daughters will have to be saved from him :)

  3. Chirag?
    Chirpy! :P

  4. #Sayesha: Thanks for dropping by!!!
    By the way Chirpy will definitely suit this baby's name. Since his mom and mausi both belong to this category and surely he will exhibit some of our characteristic!!!


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