September 18, 2008

Why mee????

Is it my fault if I misunderstood a person in DMart as a salesperson if he was wearing the same color shirt and an access card?

But of Course it’s his fault that I tumble down and buy a Rs 100/- cell (instead of 10/-) and feel embarrassed for whole evening!!!!
P.S.: I had to wait for around half an hour for an auto wala to drop me home. I hate Mumbai Auto walas. :(((((((((


  1. :D..:P...:D...
    join the club of mishappenings!!
    and dont u blame the mumbai one can beat the bangaloreans when it comes to being totally nutless useless beings...
    Mumbai autowalas r better than bangalore auto walas(read "gundas")

  2. Mumbai Autowallah are angels...come dwn to Pune/Bangalore and U'll know what autowallah-trouble means...

    Anyway recently I forgot to remove my access card when I went to crossword straight after the office..and a lady kept on asking me bout the books on discount, till I realized its because of that stupid access card...I removed it and she gave a sheepish silly smile and disappeared

  3. #Richa: This has happened with me twice before. This guy was really arrogant...Other times..guys laughed...but he replied very horribly..
    And becoz of him I bought chargeable cells and now will have to buy Charger to charge them..... :(((((((((
    They were just for my TV remote :(((((((((((

    Don’t you think sometimes that how rich these autowallahs are to go without any passenger..but not go where we want to ???

  4. #ToonFactory: Why dont you guys remove the access card after office... Do you used to wear you Id cards in school for whole day???
    Its never our fault if we think u as salesman....
    I know I have heard a lot about the pain of autowallahs in Pune...But probably those half an hour were way to long for me since the other guy was standing next to me... :(((
    I was more embarrassed...

  5. I fully agree with Alok... You haven't yet faced Pune autowallahs... Just 2 days in Pune and u ll curse urself for not having a personal vehicle :)

    I am a living example in front of u :D u need more frm me :P

    Well I havent ever had the chance to be treated as a salesgirl till date... but yeah this I card and swipping business definitely have made me a laughing stock many a times...

    So many times I have accidentally swiped my I card on my building's lift for opening its doors :D and when people around me start laughing , I realise what fool I am :((

    @ Alok :

    Is there any way through which we can convert these Pune ka Autowallahs into human beings with a heart... who understands that rest of the public aint a "Dena Bank" for them....

  6. #Nidhi: HEHEE :))

    I have done that several times in my previous office...

    Probably we should start a company with Auto services..with minimal Pune..!!!Wat say??

  7. Oh Helllo...
    This has happened with me last week...When the salesmen's uniform is strictly different these days in mostly all the stores...
    Thn why the hell these mindless ladies ask a reputed professtional only in formals...even without an access card to show her around...
    Obviously u need save urself wid a smile...But why the hell...

    I wont buy this chirpy...though its fine tht in ur case, for this guys bad luck, he was wearing the same colored shirt...
    My case was way different...

    Mindless women...BEWARE!!! :D

  8. #Akash: Probably she had crush on you...and wanted a reason to talk..

    Or was her part of Dare...

    or may be...u didnt shave..and looked like a salesman...

    Cant blame her then!!! :)

    In my previous cases it was always the face of the guy which made me think of him as a salesman... :)))

  9. @Guppi:
    Well...I wud buy the first one here...coz it was last monday evening...n no points for guessing tht I was clean shaven tht day :D

  10. #Akash: Tu mujhe Guppi bulana band karega..nahi to mein tera naam G*** keh kar bulaungi...
    And one more tthing... I doubt the case with you...You may look like salesman even after shave... :O

  11. To be very frank...
    I am a salesman afterall...
    Being a BA/BDM in IT industry is nothing other than doing pre-sales...
    So I shud take it as a compliment...coz the IT salesmen r the most wooing assets to the company...
    N I knw...why wud the mindless women understnd this GYAAN :D

  12. #Aksh: That means u happy if anyone in a departmental store calls you a salesperson...
    Probby then stop calling those females mindless women...afterall u want them to understand u the same...:))

    Akki why do u always fight with me..even on my blog...:((((

  13. Callin u Guppi annoys u like hell these days...n some mindless women's callin me salesman wudn't annoy me...

    Why do gals think tht its the males who fight...the problem is gals never accept logic...:)

    Hehe...m not al!

  14. u did?!! muhahaha..that poor guy..!

  15. #Akash: But u said u r a salesman..then why cant people cll u that....Mr. Golu....

  16. #Trina: He is not poor guy..its me... Mere 100/- rupaiye ka nuksaan ho gaya... :(((((((((


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