September 12, 2008

Recently, I have seen a major change in Bollywood. We have seen a lot amazing movies in past 2-3 weeks. Some of them being Mumbai Meri Jaan, Rock On, A Wednesday, Tahaan and about to come The Last Lear. These movies have defined a totally different genre of Bollywood. But except Rock On not other movies have earned enough publicity and Janta ka Vote. This is why most of the directors don’t think of making those “hat ke” or off beat films, as they say.

My maid, Aruna is a 17 year old girl. As soon as she enters in our house in the morning, the first thing she will do is switch V channel on TV. She loves listening to music. And in the evening she will switch to various dance shows. The other day I was watching Aamir on UTV movies. She came and said “Didi kitni faltoo movie dekh rahe ho.” I was shocked and tried and explain that it is a nice movie with Rajeev Khandelwal being such a fine actor. She laughed hysterically and said “Kya didi, aap kitni ajeeb ho. Ek baar “gulti” movie dekhna. Us mein hero kya mast dance and fighting karta hai. Aamir mein to bas bhagta hi rehta hai and last mein mar jata hai.”

I had no other option left other than to laugh. I asked her which latest hindi movies she enjoyed. She said Om Shanti Om, Dhamal, Singh is Kingg and various other comedy movies which were source of full entertainment.
India has more than 50% of population which would agree with her choice of movies. Those people don’t have lots of scope for entertainment. For them a movie means songs, fight sequence and some comedy. And I can’t blame them for it. These people comprise of major part of India and thus directors and producers have to rely on them. I have read lot of criticism on Ekta Kapoor, for her style of Script. Though I myself cannot bear them, but I realized that its people like Aruna who want such media. They appreciate the fact that a Hero can do anything. They accept that after marriage the in-laws can never be good to them. They love the awesome saris the women wear. They want the bechari bahus to cry whole day and night. They love when its hero’s 10th marriage.

Though Aruna can’t read and write English, but she makes sure to go through Mumbai Mirror in the morning. And you won’t believe that her general knowledge about the film industry is much more than expected. She knows name of all Page 3 guests. She knows the latest breakup and makeup stories. She even once commented “Kareena kitni pagal hai, do bachchon ke baap se pyaar karti hai.”

I just smiled at her innocence, for it was not her fault.

P.S. : I asked Richa for a suggestion for this blog’s title. Her creations were:
bollywood n page 3
Page 3 ka Sach
janta ka insaaf
insaaf ka tarazu
rupahle parde ka sach
rupahle parde ki rangeeniya
bollywood ka mayajaal
rang rangila bollywood

Thanks Richa. I laughed like anything and people stared me thinking me a psychopath. I think I can pass it on these titles to Mithun Da. We will surely publish a B grade novel very soon. Richa you are simply awesome, highly creative, a genius born once in centuries. I bow to you. :)
Hey, Nidhi suggesteed me smething..

SO I have removed the title for blog...
Let all you readers suggest something good for it.... And Richa..u not suggesting anymore.
So Bring out the CREATIVE KEEDA and suggest a title for it...


  1. Well..thanks for speaking such mighty words on my intelligence..I feel very modest..and humbled..:-)
    waise..i think i suggested a few other titles as well...but then i guess lets not make them public..we can use it for ur other posts...:-)
    and hey..mithun da..?hes an old titles can either be reserved for Mimoh..or my fave Himesh bhai!!!

  2. and...why didnt u mention...that it was you..who made me think..
    who started with "Page 3 ka Sach"!!

  3. #Santasizing: Hahaha... didnt want to steal the limelight from you...
    Read the blog again :) Made a change

  4. First things First !!

    I want some one to introduce Richa to Ekta Kkapoor and all Bollywood Masala Movies' Directors :D

    We should not kill the Creative Side of Richa by keeping her talent to ourselves :D

    So lets use all our contacts to bring "Richa Himeshi" to Aamchi Mumbai :)

  5. The title that I suggest would be:

    Bechaaari Aruna...!!!

  6. hahahaha nice post Paaro :)

    BTW Underage Housemaid Rakhna Kaanoonan Jurm Hai ;) so bechari Aruna ki age chhipane mein koi harz nahin tha...
    My 2 cents..
    Aruna In Bollywoodland

    BTW there isn't dearth of talent here but Bollywood is all for money film making always takes a back seat and thats the only reason we all are deprived of good Indian films...Thinking of Indian Animation Industry gives me the shudders

  7. #Nidhi: I can see Richa's future.. she is the Lead actress for the Movie: " DDLJ ka Remix By Himesh Bhai"

    #Akash: Lovely Title!!!

    #Toonfactroy: Oops!! I thought the age limit was 14...
    And totall agree that Bollywood has enuff talent..But then everyone lives for money.. :)

  8. Priyanka..the name "Chirpyparo" is a real creative & a funny name.. suits you more 'coz of your blah-blah..chi chi specialties...
    Nice blogs & no doubt a very up-to-date news and gossips.. bolly news was ur fave topic of discussions b4 a keep it up..
    cheers! :)


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