September 16, 2008

Dip Dip Dip Diplets!!!

I have a real bad habit of watching TV while eating dinner. Many a times I forget to take my bite if something interesting is coming over.
The other day we had ordered Pizza from Dominos. I love garlic breads more than pizza. So, as soon as we start I take my first bite of Garlic bread with cheese dip; and make sure that I have one piece left so that I can eat at the end after pizza. As usual I was watching TV and eating Garlic Bread. Suddenly I realized something is wrong with the taste of the bread. So, I had to twist my neck away from TV and look what is wrong. All I could see was Andy was laughing hysterically. I didn’t pay any attention and again dipped Bread in the dip.
Aaaaa….. I am so stupid, Andy has closed the box of the Dip and since the box is absolutely transparent I couldn’t realize. :(((((((
Issshhhh!!! Another story of mine for him to laugh about!!!

Image from Dominos


  1. Hahahahaha.....funny very funny...BTW just added a post on one of such incidents where I became the laughing stock...check it out...I think U'll feel better ;)

  2. Hey thanks for Blog-rolling me...:) I am honored...add me on gtalk if U are online...(that I know you are)

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  4. Am tired of this now... You temme this thing once and for all.. Hindi filmo types kahin hum bichhdi huyi behene to nahin hai ;)

  5. Did I mention Andy is one lucky chap who gets to watch live Cartoon Channel without paying for that :D

  6. #Nidhi: Probably we need to talk to moms... hope we were not kindda exchanged :)))
    And Tu Andy ka saath hi kyun deti hai :(((


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