September 8, 2008

Shopping Redefined

I have always been the unlucky one when shopping in Sale. So the story goes that whenever there is a sale, we both avoid going there. The reason is simple, it’s so crowded that everytime, I end up buying the costliest fresh items and not the sale one. So, Andy, usually hides messages announcing a new Sale. This weekend I wanted to shop. I thought that most of the stores must now be over with End of season sale and so I can easily go around and refrain myself from crowd. So, I asked our ex-neighbor, lets call him LD, to company me for a movie (Rock On). And surprisingly he agreed. The best part, he also agreed to help me with shopping. I am grateful to him, since he knows how much I suck when shopping. Added feature, he wished to sponsor my shopping as my bday gift.. YAYYYY!!!
So, on Sunday, I completed my daily routine work quickly and left from home. The movie Rocked…. I love Arjun Rampal more than ever now. He is amazzzingg. Back to the track, after the movie, we checked out some stores. I tried various clothes. Finally, I settled on beautiful skirt and a top. When I went for billing…. I was surprised. The skirt was on 70% discount. Can you believe 70%%%%.... A 1300/- skirt, only in 500 bucks..... And top was also on 50% discount. OMG!!!! I had thought I will end up buying these clothes in around 2500/- but the final bill was Rs 995 only. Not even 1000/- but 995/-. LD knew that now I am on my pinnacle, and no one can stop me further from shopping. So, after half an hour, he left me with one more of my friend. She needed to buy some stuff from Biba, so I thought I will check out some kurtas. While trying clothes, I was missing Andy like hell. I have got so used to of his opinion that was unable to decide which clothes to buy. Suddenly, Andy calls me up saying; he is coming as he was getting bored. Wish I would have asked for some more options. Finally he helped me to pick some kurtas.
Finally, the last shop which we checked out was WellHome. We have been thinking of changing look of our bedroom since long. But budget never allowed. But, yupieee, Wellhome had amazing offer and we bought new curtains for the whole house. Andy is amazing while selecting such creative things. I appreciate his sense of decorating home. He did amazing job. When he put those curtains in drawing room, they looked awesome. Bedroom curtains have to be altered and once they are done, I will try and post the pics.

Finally, Shopping was worth!!! And September is bringing Luck!!!


  1. CONGRATS!!!!!
    u succeeded...and am happy,,,since i happened to have just the opposite luck this weekend!!!sob..sob..
    I went to shoppers stop in a hope ki i will make use of the 51% sale..and i picked up clothes so lavishly thinking them to be on sale..and realised then none of the items i picked up...were !!!

    Andy is great ya..helped u with curtain shopping..wait till i tell this to Vin..:-)

  2. So u had a great experience at mall...though I wish to talk to whoever LD is, I hope he/she is still fine...;)

    Well, this is to ask u to read Nikhil's Sunday mall experience...all available on :)

    Waiting for the curtain pics already...

  3. Whoa !!

    First thing I wanna know is that WHY don't I have a neighbour who sponsors my shopping :(

    Such a huge discount.. seems this time u ve hit GOLD ;)

    and hola... not again :( I love Arjun Rampal... abey u sure tu meri bday k din paida nahi huyi hai ?

    Hmm so after a jinxed Aug... Sept sounds more like BLESSED :)

    Fine I will wait for the post "Blessed August" by 1st Oct :D

    Can ya lend Jiju for a day plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Me n mom r i nmumbai going mad with buying curtains and show lights for the new house... :(

    U better b ready for ur second round of shoppig once I come over the weekend :D

  4. And how many times do I need to tell ya... REMOVE this WORD VERIFICATION from comments section

  5. #Santasizing: Andy had deleted this 51% discount scheme from his cell before i Could read.. :)

    #Akash: LD is Andy's junior... He is one of my cute devar...

    #Comeon I have always loved Ajun Rampal.... Why werent we such great frenz in colllege???
    And of Course yu can borrow Andy anytime for shopping...he lovs it... But the onl thing is he is damn busy these days... :(

    Word Verification nahi hata sakti since I dont want rubbish comments on my blog :)

  6. most of the time I dnt get my size available during Sale :( ROCK ON was good...was in Mumbai this weekend & my Saturday went watching Rock On & Shopping..(wish somebody could sponsor my shopping too)

  7. #toonfactory: Seriously Sale mein size and color dono milna bahut mushkil hota hai....
    I was damn lucky this time!!!

  8. wow!! am i hearing that some GUY loved to shop too....ek bar usko hyd bhej do plz :D


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