September 23, 2008

The Quality Tag!!!

I have accepted Nidhi’s tag.
So here are the rules:
There are 26 values stated and we have to write an incident depicting that value. Now, I have done a modification to the TAG. Instead of writing one full incident depicting the value, I have written how each of the value is embedded in me.

So here it goes:

1.Respect: In school, I respected all my teachers. Thus I never tried to prove them wrong when they said my handwriting can never improve. See, it’s still that bad.

2. Flexibility: I am flexible to work in office from 12 noon to 5 pm. I will not object in case my boss wants to give extra bonus for helping him by keeping one computer free for most of the time.

3. Love: I love sleeping. I can compromise with my shopping if sleep is given an option. You know I am flexible.

4. Trust: When I was a kid, my mom had full trust on me that I would be found sleeping under table or behind curtains…and I never did prove her wrong for even once....

5. Confidence: My hostel mates had full confidence in me that I would surely complete any novel in the given time frame, even if it involved bunking of all lectures.

6. Generosity: I am always ready to generously donate my whole bowl of daal in dinner to Andy, but he is not merciful to accept it :((((.

7. Mercy: It is a mercy that I never want to squash a cockroach. After all, he also has a life.

8. Obedience: Talk about Obedience and there can't be a better example than me , myself... Everytime my teachers would ask me to get out of the class, I would obediently walk out :) I only deserved it :)

9. Patience: I have enough patience in me.. I patiently wait for even a cyclist and an oxcart to go ahead of me while I drive the car :) I know Patience is the best VIRTUE :).

10. Caring: I always give only 1/3 of the pastry to Andy and eat rest; after all he is weight conscious.

11. Forgiveness: Sorry, I am not at all forgiving, so stay alert!!!

12. Excellence: Oops!!! I will have to think hard where I excel. May be you guys can help!!!

13. Responsibility: I consider it everyone’s responsibility to share their answers with me during exams; I do the same.

14. Orderliness: I care a lot for books. So, I always keep them intact till last day of Exam. After all reusing of things loses their shine. They are always found arranged on my table.

15. Enthusiasm : It can be seen when I am shopping or cooking : ))))

16. Honesty : I am honest to say that I am afraid of going to Gym. Those machines make me feel as if they will swallow me.

17. Peace : I am a peace loving girl, so during Viva time, I was always found maintaining peace in lab by not answering any of his question. (The silence never meant that I didn’t know the answer).

18. Humility: I have always been humble enough to take all the blames of breaking jars or glass windows or vase. Of course I never did them, it was the ball which did it.

19. Honor : I felt honored when Rawat Sir asked me not to come to class for next one week, since he wanted to teach a very complex topic of Wireless Technology. I was the chosen one from the class who was given the benefit of complete attendance for doing the honors by keeping away from the class for one week.

20. Self – discipline: I always made sure that I would go 10 minutes late for the first lecture in morning. I never tried to exceed than 10 minutes (neither decreased it :)).

21. Creativity: I always tried to give a different excuse for the above self-discipline stated.

22. Reliability: I am the most reliable company to go and eat PaniPuri. With me around, no one will have to eat all alone. I will accompany them from first plate till the Last one

23. Detachment: Though detachment gives loads of pain, but I bear it all. Everytime I am told to work, I make a sacrifice and detach myself from all the work.

24. Unity: I have always tried to encourage our whole batch to go for mass bunking, instead of only me enjoying and having the fun.

Statutory Warning:
None of these characteristics holds true, if they are read my family members or office colleagues.

Sorry, couldn't write on two words: Justice and Assertiveness.

Now its your turn. All the readers have to do this tag. And of Course do comment me when you do that ..:))

Thanks Nidhi!!!! I have realized there are so many positive qualities are within me!!!


  1. Now first of all a big round of applause for you chirpy darling for living upto my expectations and making my TAG a perfect Masaledaar Dish , the way u always do ;)

    And trust me... no body could have made it so interesting but u :)

    U left me laughing aloud in the office and m sure people around me are really njoying a live cartoon showl in front of dem :P

    And don't ya worry I will always be there to help you with the best in you ;)

  2. Fantabulous...
    this is the best post of urs i have read so far...and believe me i have read it some 5 times already..and im still laughing...
    well said gal!!!!

  3. # Nidhi: thanks a ton...
    Vaise kaafi kuch tune bhi help kar di yeh sab likhane mein.. :))

    And of course as an aspirant cook...I need to make everything "Masaledar"...

  4. now this is so unfair...
    how cane you write so many true characteristics (nnow dont udofy...come bck to earth) that you have endeavored & stolen & hijacked from others n most of them from me...
    ur deadly PJs...add them there...ppl scratch thr heads off..
    but is something my girl shud have [:)]

  5. #Santasizing: Thnk u ji...!!!!

    Most of these tasks have been done with you...!!! Afterall we both were roomates!!!

  6. #Amod: Oye...yeh sab mere priginal hai...
    Mein Chori nahi karti teri tarah...

    Surely will try and search something this similar for ur gal...

    Do you want most of the mentioned characteristic??? Then ek ladki hai... :O

  7. #6. I am same as u on this one
    #9. I am completely opposite to u on this one
    #11. Hoping that u'll hav some exceptions on this one
    #12. U excel on ur networking skills...don't lose them...coz some ppl still don't know how to manage the same...

    U r the HERO :)

  8. @Guppi: 1. Coz u took the HERO tag...
    2. U executed it like a HERO only...
    3. Also becoz of what u just did in ur previous comment...:)


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