September 1, 2008

Jinxed August

Finally my lapppyyy is back, all fit and fine. So, now I will be back with my writings and blogs soon. Last one month was really very bad for us. First of all, lappy went in comma. Then one day Tata Sky ka dabba died. After, hell lot of discussion with customer care, we got a new one with another 3 months guarantee. I had thought that I will not suggest anyone to go for set top box thing. Cable is anytime better and cheap, with great after sales service. And one day, our reliance landline went off to long sleep. No matter how much we would charge it, it wasn’t working. So, after 3 weeks we took it to service center, and would you believe. It started working normally there. Now this was THE horrible thing. After that, we went to Mount Abu. When we returned back, Andy realized our car was unlocked for past 3 days. And thus its battery got discharged. Luckily, nothing got stolen from the car.

Oh God!!!.. How horrible things went in August. I was hoping for September to arrive soon. Probably, August was jinxed. With new month starting from today, I hope to see better things around me. Rains have also come to an end, so no more pains of rains. Thanks to my new neighbor, I am back to evening walks with her. In fact she is helping me with my future career planning. I am also planning for a new haircut before Diwali. Do suggest me some haircut because I am still a nerd in deciding about it. I have to do lots of shopping for Diwali gifts in September only, since, whole October I will be travelling and won’t get much time. I am also thinking of catching up with some of my frenz. Nidhi you being on the top. Hope to meet you once you return back from Pali.

By the way, last week a girl came to my office, saying she was from an NGO and needed some finance. I told her all of us are contributing to the society in some or the other way. And none of us wants to donate anything as of now. I was shocked when she actually started forcing me to donate cash personally. I tried to explain that I am already doing my part of share to help the society, but she was not ready to listen. Finally, my colleague stepped in and asked her to leave immediately. I couldn’t understand such behavior. I understand that she was asking something to help the poor people, but then one can’t actually force. I always had ensured to give my old clothes to various institutes and my mom dad generously does various things to help needy people. I think it’s not always the money that counts, but the Act.


  1. Congratssssssssssssssss !!

    And you say meri life filmy hai ;) Tum to meri guru maiyya rahi is month ;)

    By the way you forgot to mention bout the mishap with your Digicam ;)

    And your gold earrings ;)

    I hope coming months give you little less adventurous life :P

    How bout Shaban Azmi's "Water" cut ? Whoa !! You will look great... bilkul "Hat Ke" ;)

    Am reaching Mumbai on 8th Sept.. Lets plan and meet :)

    when it comes to such people who force others for charity.. I just feel like kicking them... If only people understood that such things are done not cuz others are doing it, but cuz u urself want to do some gud to the society...

    I too have been a victim to such crappy people many a times, but I guess now I have learnt to say a firm No, where I don't want to take a step ahead...

    Anyways sweets :) Now with the lappy coming alive ;) I am waiting for lots of posts :)

    And yeah !! Before I forget this thing again... remove this stupid "Word Verification" from your settings.

  2. #Nidhi: Thnkss swthrt for making me remember more of mishaps.. :(

    When you will come tujhe hi lekar jaungi sab repair shops par..
    becoz u know Mumbai well and Andy is quite busy these days..

    Shabana Azami cut to bahut time se hi chahti hoon mein..
    But probably frenz like u and parents would kill me if i appear with it..
    Probably your jijs will also refrain from me entering his room.. :)

    Tu aaja then we will go to Bandra and do shopping and hair cut... This time for whole weekend you will stay with me...:)))

  3. owwwwwwww.....U have a great September...(I am uninvited here, but thats how I am)...nice blog...

  4. #Toonfactory: Thanks a lot!!!.. and everyone is invited here...:)) so welcomee...

  5. Evythins fine here...par ladki tell me...If u leave ur car does battery gets discharged...:-???

  6. #Akash: Oh so u commenting since I commented on ur blog..u will never change..
    And Mister... Since the gate was left open, the lamp inside the car was on for full 3 days and also the blinking of the car lights...hope u got it now...Budhu.. :)

  7. Though u've got it right...this was my attempt to equalize our commenting scores...:)

    But its only now tht u r comin out clean when u say the door was left open...rather than just the car being left unlocked...;)

  8. #Akash: Some people can never let go of their ego.. :)

  9. why do u wanna cut ur hair...its beautiful as it is...just a nice layer cut would look wonderful i guess

  10. cutting hair!!!be very very careful when u do it!!
    look at still facing d after effects:D
    ur August was full interesting...infact it was so much fun to read..i felt sad when d entry got over...i wish there were more instances...:D
    wish u a better september..though that wud be bad for readers like us:-)

  11. Some people are bad egoists...U knw tht...hainaa?

  12. #Jaya: Now they are no more beautiful... :(((

    #Santasizing: HAhhah!!! Surely will keep it in mind!!!

    #Akash: Of Course I know it best.... :)


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