May 11, 2008

Eyes- Mirror of our Heart

Every mom is typical mom in herself. They always have something which would irritates us to hell when we were kids and things which we miss once we go away from her. My mom was famous in the whole colony for her eyes. No no, its not that she has blue eyes like Ash, but the reason being they spoke a lot. By speaking I mean is scolding. My bro has always been target of her eyes. If we would go out for a dinner, my mom’s eyes will keep following him. And he would not even care of it. He would go all over the place, will find something or the other to spoil and attract everyone to him. In the end I knew that when we will enter our home, he will get a nice scolding. And I would pity on my ’bechara bhaiya’, and will keep saying sorry on his behalf to her. And he would still be happy (Since he would have just a minute back broken a glass in kitchen). One day mother locked him in the bathroom. After 10 minutes she felt bad and opened it only to find that the brat was sleeping in there very comfortably, with his head over the bath stool. Uff..he could do anything. Mummy’e eyes will again stare him.
I always found it amusing when she talked. She would explain any small thing to her padosan (neighbor), with full enthu. Her eyes will keep rolling with every expression she said.
So once me, mom and mausi, we decided to go for shopping (I was rarely asked to accompany them, since I was kid according to them, so I was pretty excited). I had kinetic Honda. So we three sat on it with mausi being the driver. We went into tiny shops hidden in some corners. And there they both bargained with the shopkeeper even for a 5 Rs. Bindi packet. Soon my adventure was turning into nightmare. We were heavily loaded on the chota sa kinetic. I was sitting in the middle carrying lots of fur for mausi’s hobby;s classes, in my both hands. My mom was behind me. I really was feeling damn embarrassed. But the other ladies were happy for they did good shopping. And lo, a traffic man stopped us. I was so afraid. I asked my mom to call up Papa (here I underestimated her). But what I saw next shocked me. My mom suddenly started walking towards the bus stand just 100 meters away. She told mausi that thanks for dropping her and she will come by bus. The looks on the face of the cop and me were … u can imagine. And now the drama starts, she started scolding cop, since according to her, mausi was just helping her to drop to bus stand, since she is old and can’t walk. That time her eyes actually hypnotized the cop and he told us to leave. And just few seconds later she joined us back on the next turn. After that, I just remember that I just closed my eyes and was praying to reach safely with no more dramas ahead.
Once I reached, I straightway took the keys of my kinetic and promised never to go with them ever. As I grew up, people said I resemble my ma very much. I took it has a compliment since not only I resembled her in the looks, but also the way my eyes played.
Now, I live very far from her, brother is also in hostel and papa has also been posted to another place. But still she stays there with my younger sis. She says me many times that she is all alone and gets bored. I suggest her to go for shopping and other places. But, I guess she doesn’t want, probably no one is there to break her cups and glasses, and spoil the bedsheets…
Today’s post is to tell her that I love her very much. We all siblings love you. No matter how much we shout at you, we need you every day in our life. You are our support and greatest strength, for you taught us how to be independent and take decisions. And now that we are independent and happy with our life, we thank both of you ma and papa to be with us everytime.


  1. this is one of the most touching blogs i have ever read... girl u simply rock at this!!!...Thumbs Up!!!

  2. di, seriously its very touching...
    i kissed my mummy after reading this...cheers!!

  3. #Nidz: THanks..:)
    #Neha: thank u beta..


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