May 5, 2008

Unspoken Wishes...

Things you mite like to say to people around you on their face:

1. Oops…you are not so are actually “shikaar” of malnutrition.
2. Wish I could swap my hair with you.
3. Can you please be decent while eating your dinner? I mean it would be better if you close your mouth and then chew your food.
4. Is it the same shirt you were wearing yesterday??
5. You going all alone in that auto..please drop me on the way…!!:)(While waiting for an auto for more than 1 hour)
6. I am actually not listening to you.
7. Wish I could throw the bean bag….. (of course, you sitting on it…)
8. I am sorry but don’t feel like saying it.
9. I am there…Listen to me…
10. Can I throw a watermelon over your head…:O
11. I know you love your girlfriend..but can you please tell her at your OWN house..and not in public place
12. Man, you are real HOTTT!!!
13. I wish I could have figure like you.
14. Deodorants are not that costly to use.
15. Your baby is so cute…unlike you… :))
16. Why are you guys so lazzzyyy???
17. If only few people can realize they are in office and not on a mall road,
18. Oops…I think I need a translator while talking to you… (People wid fake accent)
19. Is some jhingalala competition around... (gals wearing earring all over the ear). And the winner of the competition will get a nose ring free…hehe
20. So did you gifted this sari to your wife as well.. (the sales person at sari shop, according to whom every sari in the shop is the BEST one to buy).


  1. From the blog title, I thought here is another list of wall wishes inspired from "U Me or HUM". Buy Boy, these seems quite realistic! Some I found Girlie but for others I wud say, Deja Vu!

  2. #Amit: Written by a has to be girlie..but next time will ask you to write ur part..:)


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