May 15, 2008

My lost cell..almost..

Okay so the story goes like this...Yours truly is a little clumsy and that too when she is carrying a jhola, which has no separate pockets. You have to get hold of 10-15 things before you could even get a glance of the wanted item.

This weekend we were in full enthu to complete our to-do weekend list, which was pending since long. Finally by afternoon we were sitting in CCD with almost all things done. Now, since we had done so much labor we needed a break, so thought of watching Bhootnath. As we sat down in the hall, I opened my jhola in search to find a toffee. You see, my purse contains everything. So the larger it is, the more things it would have. And in the midst of finding toffee, realized my cell was not there. Meanwhile all lights were off.We both took out every single thing from purse. We found bank forms, long lost bills, my watch (which was to be repaired from past 5 months), case of my goggles, etc etc.. But cell was not there. Now my cell is very precious to me. First of all, it is N-73 music edition, quite costly and secondly, it was my wedding gift from Andy.

We both decided to rush back to CCD, for it was the last place it was seen. But, it wasn’t there. Then went to the shop where I had bought a teddy bear and accessories, which weren’t needed, but it was buy 2 get one free. Meanwhile, Andy kept ringing on the cell from the landline of the shop. Andy’s cell was in car, so I rushed to get it back.

On the way while returning, I tried to call on my cell. And, I was aghast..the cell was switched off. I was almost crying when I reached back to Anand. He had made announcement in the shop for if anybody has the cell please return it and he will be rewarded. We knew we can’t find it now. I kept cursing myself and my purse all the while. Anand got the sim locked to prevent further calls from it. He kept cheering me and asked to go back to movie and relax. We returned back to our seat. A couple was sitting next to us; Andy asked him if he has seen our cell. And lo…it was in his pocket. He said it was lying under our seat and since the ring was loud, he switched it off. Man..I didn’t know whether to thank him for the cell or to scold him for not picking up the call. Finally, my dearest darling was with me back again in my Jhola..

So what happened was that during national anthem, when I got up from my seat, my jhola fell off and that time the cell slipped. But all this definitely added up in my hubby’s list of jokes on me. And by the way the movie was good and memorable for me.


  1. Girl !!!!! You really were LUCKY this time.. :D

    Lucky you.. to have an HONEST man sitting next to you in the movie... :D Ask me how it feels to keep loosing cell after cell in a row :(

    Hihihi... and if only you come across a JHOLA with multiple sections , go get it for you and for me too :D We desperately need such bags ;) (We actually need to revive our wardrobe, shoe cupboard , bag cupboard pretty regularly and this is a genuine reason ;) )

    Neways hope this wedding gift from Andy stays with you forever :)

    Have fun :-)

  2. Bhootnath had a special start for us .. "meri paro ke johle ka jhamela" .. adding that to the movie made it a Oscar nominee

  3. Quite an interesting episode.
    Good that you got your cell back. Now be very careful in future onwards.. It really feels bad on loosing a cell (even if it is not an N-73)... Trust me.....:)

    Well, regarding the joke thing, all husbands are like that only. I am in the same league.... :)

  4. #Lost: Yeah I was damn releived to find the cell. Of Course we need to change our wardrobes..and i have a valid reason..:))

    #Anand: :O

    #Harsh: Absolutely true..the only difference being I have very regular such experiences..:)

  5. The above comment was from me...sorry for using wrong id...


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