May 19, 2008


It may sound surprising but my morning wakeup call is not by an alarm clock, but harsh and loud lullaby of crows. They love to play on my AC and hate me if I sleep late. They would just sit up outside my window on AC and refuse to shut up. Scientist say that crows are very intelligent and one of the most sociable bird around. Probably they want us to become their friends.

Saturday morning, I asked Anand to tie a new rope outside the window for hanging the clothes. He said he will do it. So I proceeded in kitchen to prepare breakfast. Suddenly, I hear a fearful voice of him, asking me to get a stick. Being very puzzled, I rushed to bedroom, only to find hubby fighting for his survival with the crows. And man, there were 4 of them and my hubby was fighting single handedly. I was so curious as to why did they attacked him since they were always friendly with me. Probably, they shared views with me and didn’t like his unshaven face. So, I asked him to please go and clear the unwanted hair on his face, and become friends with our new housemates. I got some strange looks from both hubby and the crow. Hubby told me that the crow has given eggs near the next room windows.

Oopss…now my brain ran the whole story in flashback reminding me that how and when this whole love did began. So now we have a whole crow family sharing our window. Not only that, this family was in left side window. And to the right, there was another family; it was our neighbor’s window. Then, began the sword fight between the crows and hubby. He was attacked by beak and claws of the bird. And in return he said “shoo shoo” and I banged my broomstick on the glass pane. Finally after around half an hour Anand came out with flying colors, he completed his task. He stood like a superman holding a broomstick in hand and possessed some scratches, which spoke the saga.

For next 7-8 hours, I could hear my hubby trying to get win cacophony contest with them. To remind you, Anand is a very good competitor with crow. He has always been famous among the friends for his beautiful god-gifted voice. I have always praised it and told him not to sing publicly else Indian Idol people might get hold of him. And then he might have to stay away from me for 5-6 months until he wins the competition (Only if the judge is Himesh Reshamiya). I have also warned him not to sing at home as well since I do not want all our neighbors to stand outside the home, banging our door.

I am just praying to God, that babies are born soon, so that my ear can relax. Below are the pics of the nest.


  1. :D clearly Andy is still mentally disturbed...but still the picture looks so cute...connecting with nature hee hee...

  2. this eggs are in your window
    thats great of you
    now its a rain time you are doing great job for the lonely birds

  3. hey u are too good with comic timings... i loved reading it !!

  4. that is such a funny story! :)


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