May 31, 2008


If life was online…
If any assistance required from a plumber or electrician, then press F1.
If salary less, press ctrl+c from boss account and ctrl+v to your account
If found a good looking hunk, could just take a print out of it and save it in my purse, or may be just set him as a wallpaper.
If my friend found a good looking hunk, then she can forward it to me.
If missing your mom, click on home.
If want to be at disc immediately, press alt tab and away from office
If breakup required, press END
If hubby looking for lost pair of socks, press ctrl+F
If want to change the color of the room, look for new theme
If wanna have lunch with wife and gf both at the same time, select option to arrange windows.
If lots of problems around, SORT on basis of priority
If any urgent deliverables required by boss, mark them as Spam
If mother-in-law is again ready with tu-tu main-main, press MUTE button.
If wanna continue with Sunday till Monday, press PAUSE
Anymore wishes??


  1. No weekends for married people in this case... :-(

  2. if stuck some where badly press Ctrl Alt Del

  3. this is hilarious :)


  4. #Harsh: :)

    #Anand: I hope ctrl alt del doesnt mean ending ur life...oopss..shortcut for suicide..:)

    #Merriance: Thanks...:P

  5. hey..dis was totally hilarious..m bursting into laughters..too


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