May 9, 2008

Girl's Thoughts

A very nice thought...loved the line..
"I Love my Mom...but I dont want to be like her.."


  1. Hi Perky,

    Being the regular reader of your blogs.....!!!

    Its so simple & rightly edited.!!
    Got blund of travel narations & gud insight to value for relations....!!!

    But sometimes it turns out to be dedications to ur loving hubby. Anyway, you both arelucky to be so loved each.

    Suggest to give some insight to common man life too...which gives some message or acts as eye opener to youth.

    Gud going...keep it up!!


  2. A One Liner... that says it all :)

    Not funny... but we will probably realize it some years down the lane... that despite not wanting to be like our moms... we will be walking replicas of our moms :)

    Wait till the time comes :) and you'll see it...

    Am shocked to see it happening with all my cousins... and am sure , no one's an exception :)

    And after all what else is love :)

    "Apne rang gawaayein bin... mere rang mein ghul jaao"

    Be it between a man and a woman or a mother and a daughter.... its all about acceptance and changes to make the other one smile :)

    So lets crib today bout all those things our mommaz keep telling us... but let them sink in.. cuz few years from now... u will play her role :)

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