May 6, 2008

Ay Kya Bolti Tu ...

Everyone waits for a weekend to get an option of sleeping till late. Anand also does the same. HE would keep complaining me every morning that why does he have to go so early. (He leaves for office around 6:45am to reach by 7:30). And finally, when Saturday is there, he would get up at 6:00 am. I never understand why he can’t do the same to whole week instead. But I guess everyone is the same. My favorite past time is sleeping, and I am usually devoid of it, courtesy Mr. Hubby.
This Saturday was a little better for me. Anand slept till late on a Saturday morning. Surely I was surprise and happy too. Though previous night, he promised to get up at 6:30 and go for jogging. Possibly he gets up early only when he needs to irritate me. Sigh..
I also love Saturdays for a reason that he helps in cooking breakfast. Most if the time it’s some or the other experiment with eggs. As soon as I entered kitchen, there came a call. His college friend, KM, was here. So I had to cook breakfast for 5-6 people. No, only one friend was here, but my apartment is surrounded by all bachelors which happen to be Anand’s college friends. So we decided that we’ll all have breakfast at our place. And while breakfast, KM suggested lets go to Lonavala. His fiancé and one more couple was to join us. One of my very good friends (let’s call her YG) lives in Vashi, so we thought to pick her up with her hubby on the way. Anand decided to reach at YG’s place by 3:30, though I know it meant 5:00 pm.
I was correct we reached YG’s place by 4:45. I met her sweet little angel, Inu. We decided to leave Inu with her Nani, since YG was afraid if she could take care of her at Lonavala or not.
Meanwhile KM, with his friends, had reached Lonavala and booked the rooms in a resort. It was already 7:00 by the time we reached to the hotel. We saw sunset on the Mumbai Pune Express Highway, which was beautiful.

Since, KM was in a cab, the driver knew various sightseeing places. So we decided to follow his car. YG and Anand, guessed that we are going to Bhushi Dam. Slowly, we crossed Bhushi Dam. The ideal time to visit it is during rains, since then the water overflows. Currently, it was totally dry. The cab didn’t stopped there and was still running in the slopes of the mountain. Anand’s next guess was, we going to Amby Valley. Amby Valley is a posh city developed by Sahara Parivar. It has its own shopping mall, golf course and every single thing you need. They give an Audi free to the owners of houses. We kept driving and driving, cracking all stupid jokes and remembering good old college days. Finally, after whole good 15 minutes, we all kept wondering and guessing the place we might be going. We all prayed that hopefully when we reach to top, the driver won’t say, “This place is better during day time”.
We reached to the Lion’s Point finally and parked our cars at the edge of the valley. Gosh…the view was stunning. After so many years I saw absolute clear sky. We could see countless stars across the sky. Though, after 10 minutes, KM said the unwanted lines..”This place is better during the sunlight”. YG and I started scratching our heads to remember the names of the constellations. Probably we can’t qualify for “Kya aap panchavi pass se tez hai”. We could just remember Orion and Saptrishi. The temperature was a little cool due to the breeze. Finally we decided we will come back to see sunrise early morning, though I never wanted to get up early.

After dinner, guys decided to look for a place where they could play pool. Lucky me, all places were closed by then. So we just took a stroll around and bought the famous chiki and Fudge.
Finally, we retired to our rooms to travel in the dreamland. Few people were excited to get up early to see the sunrise, but lazy I ignored them. Anand as usual, did put an alarm so that he could think if he wanted to join others. He promised to switch it off himself. No one can change the destiny; I had to get up at 5:15am to switch off the stupid alarm as Anand muttered in his sleep that he doesn’t wish to go anywhere. I hate him for it… When I finally threw the sheets and came out of the room, I realized I was the first one to wake up. No one actually went to see the sunrise. What an Irony!!!
After good long breakfast of one and half hour (courtesy, the cook, who would make one parantha in 20 minutes), we went back to the top of cliff. And boy, the driver was correct; the view was amazing during the daylight.

We rushed up from there, since YG was worried about baby Inu and reached back home by late afternoon.
The next morning the headlines were :

God!!..we were saved..


  1. I know Andy and his waking up traits! I woke him every morning for three years as he had to attend the morning Lecture but every time he would wake up with such a face that you would curse yourself for having woken the God from his Sleep!

  2. The whole trip was great I loved it and njoyed a lot ... but the part which I enjoyed the most was driving on express highway. Man I was driving at 140 kmph and people were still over taking me easily ... gosh !!!

  3. #Amit: yeah ..very true..
    #Andy: this was not NFS...:)

  4. hi dear!!
    its a pleasant surprise dat u hv tken 2 writing.........
    bt wat actually motivatd u??das so nice 2 pen down ur thots!!
    n yes u hv written marvellously......
    ur blog is more of a travellers blog!!
    keep touring !!


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